Established in 2021, EVERYPOSH is a small family-owned business that offers a fine selection of luxury vintage and brand-new goods from bags, to clothing, to footwear, to accessories and pieces of jewelry for men and women. Prior to establishing EVERYPOSH, Kimmy had her degree in Business Administration majoring in Financial Management, and worked for multiple banking corporations and tech companies. In 2017, she met the love of her life and move to the United States of America to be with her husband and start a new family. Kimmy always loved the fashion industry as she grew up with her mom working for some back then was a starting couture designer and a big textile company specializing in suits and luxury pants and company uniforms. She always loved glimmery things and fancy purses. At the beginning of 2018, she started collecting multiple pieces and selling them eventually. Kimmy got the idea that Luxury should be accessible to not only rich people but as well people who have loved them no matter what their economic status is.


Moving forward in 2021, We aim to provide sustainable luxury goods at discounted prices. We will try to find the best price but with the highest quality item at a bargain price for you.